Image One Digital is one the of the hottest new web development companies as graded by my mother!

Don’t overpay for things you do not need. A lot of web development firms will try and convince you, using fancy technobabble, that you need a hundred different solutions for the single issue of you not having a quality website.

I’m not going to do that. As a small business myself, I understand that money doesn’t grow on trees (though how cool would that be?). I want to get you on the web and your website seen by your current and potential customer base. I’m going to give you a quality, good looking website that does what is needed, and will be easy to upgrade when the time comes that you do need METAVERSE SUPPORT.


You may be thinking to yourself, “Erin – if I don’t need a ton of bells and whistles and that technobabble you mentioned earlier, why don’t I just use a prebuilt website service like Circlespace or Nix (not actual services)?”

Simple, my friend. While you might not need a massive Amazon level ecommerce site, your website should be unique, like your business. If you’re starting a restaurant, you’re not just going to buy food from McRonald’s and resell it with your own wrapper on it.

I will work with you to build a website dedicated to your business, one that won’t look like every other website – one that is uniquely you. Feel free to contact me using the links below. We can chat about your wants and needs (web related or otherwise). No obligation.



That’s a reasonable question.

As a new (professional) web developer, you may be a little wary choosing me over someone with more professional experience. However, I am passionate about making web pages. You can learn more about me on the about page, but long story short, I quit my career of 20 years to do this. I enjoy building sites, and while, yes, this is a job, this is also my passion.

I would like to put that passion to work for you. More and more, small businesses have trouble competing with large conglomerates, and really the only place where the field is even slightly level is here on the web. If I can help make your competitive and successful, while doing what I love, then I consider that a win-win situation.

Please look at my services, learn a little more about me, then feel free to contact me for a consultation.


Proof Of Performance Projects


KRK (pronounced “cork”) is a digital ‘corkboard’ of sorts designed for small businesses that want a way to keep their employees in the loop, without having to resort to subscribing to a hundred different services. The idea is that it’s a replacement for the old-timey break room corkboards!

The service has three main functions. First, there is a Twitter style timeline and messaging feature that allows employees in a department to leave messages to each other, chat, and whatnot. Department supervisors can moderate these messages, as well as pin important messages to the top of the timeline. Store wide managers can also pin messages, but these can be seen on all department’s timelines.

There is an event function that allows events to be posted that are either viewable to a single department (for example the cashiers would not need to know about new grill training), or storewide (like a cool company picnic!).

Finally, there is a rudimentary time-clock system built in that allows a user to clock in, then clock out and it keeps track of the amount of time worked between the two punches.

I am planning on upgrading the system to have a user dashboard for managers, a friends list, and a private messaging function. You can check the system out here. There is a generic username and password you can use to log in, or you can create your own account!


So, what kind of lunatic would put an anime-Star Trek crossover fan fiction website on their business web page? A lunatic who is very proud of the work he’s done on that page. I’m not talking about the stories, they are terrible, but I am talking about a dynamic, interconnected website that connects stories to characters and to the site’s miniature Wiki-style database.

One of the key features of the page is that each page – whether it be a story chapter, a character page, or a page about some obscure sci-fi laser is generated only on request. This makes sure that every page is up to date with the latest information. While it is absolutely overkill in this situation, it can be done for any website to make sure your customers get the most recent data on your products or services.

I’ve also built the site in a way where I can add more character pages, more wiki pages, and even more stories, and I don’t have to worry about changing a dozen pages. The way the data is pulled from the database and the way the templates are built takes care of all that for me.

Feel free to check out the site. Don’t read the stories unless you are into such things, and even then, I wouldn’t. They’re not very good.