Who Am I?

Hope you’re all doing well! I am Erin Winking, and I am the founder and owner of Image One Digital LLC. Image One is a business focused on web site and web application development, and video content production for the web and social media.

What that means is that I can and will set you up with a website, as well as help you create video content for that website and for your social media platforms.

While Image One Digital is brand new, that doesn’t make me a noob at these things. First off, I have been making content for the world wide web for over 25 years. I made my first webpage in high school, all the way back in 1994 or so. I continued making websites as a hobby over the years, but never had the confidence in myself to break out and make my own business out of it.

So, I got a job in local television news and was working as a video photojournalist, video editor, and visual storyteller since 2002. In the summer of 2020, I decided that news was no longer my passion and since I was still passionate about web development, I attended the Coding Dojo web application bootcamp to get caught up on the current technology. I graduated with a Black Belt (which I think is their version of a 4.0) and for a while looked for a new job in the tech sector.

Eventually I decided that I didn’t want to work for anyone but my clients, so I quit my job in news, packed up my Captiva and a U-Haul trailer, and moved back to my lovely hometown of Springfield, IL where I founded Image One Digital LLC. Now that I am here and I have a cute little home office set up, I am ready to work with you to get your business on the web!

In case you were curious, the name Image One comes from my childhood. When I was a tween or early teen (I’m old now, so my memory is bad), I started up a comic book studio called Image One Studios. It evolved into Image One Communications where my friends and I took a stab at video production. We were still kids, though, so things went as expected. As an old man, I think I am ready to do business this time!

Please contact me if you’re interested in any of our services and want to have a consultation! I even have a blog on here if you want to check that out! Regardless, I really appreciate you stopping by!